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Runewars: Banners of War Expansion

War continues to ravage the continent of Terrinoth. The free cities change hands and tyrants bleed the land dry with a death toll that has not been seen since the great wars of ages past. Each nation knows it cannot slow the passage of time, or the armies of their enemies without help. And above all, they know that the war is far from over...

Return to the war-torn lands of Terrinoth with Banners of War, an exciting expansion for Runewars! With 8 new unit types – 2 for each faction – you can customize your armies like never before. New Development cards let you upgrade your existing units and purchase new faction-specific abilities, while the Commanders of the Battlefield variant lets your most valiant heroes lead your forces to victory. Featuring new Hero, Objective, Season, Reward, and Order cards, plus over 50 new plastic figures, Banners of War lets you raise the stakes in Runewars and become the ruler of Terrinoth!

  • 56 Plastic Figures
  • 92 Tokens and Markers
  • Three Map Tiles
  • Over 120 cards
  • One rulebook

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Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 978-1-61661-136-1

Runewars Revised Edition

Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires for two to four players. Designed by Corey Konieczka, Runewars pits players against each other in a strategic game of battles and area control, where they must gather resources, raise armies, and lay siege to heavily fortified cities.

Runewars takes place in the same popular fantasy universe as the best-selling board games Runebound and Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, and dozens of fan-favorite heroes and monsters play their part. The wars for the dragon runes are beginning, and only one faction will emerge victorious. What would you do to claim the ultimate power?

Runewars revised edition includes:

  • 196 Plastic Figures
  • 235 Tokens and Markers
  • 13 Large Map Tiles
  • 4 Faction Sheets
  • 4 Reference Sheets
  • 204 cards
Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 978-1-61661-560-4


13+ 2 - 4 3 - 4 hrs

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