At the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, a group of rival adventurers is about to explore the temple of the ancient Mayan god Chac. The foreboding temple is full of priceless archaeological treasures, but it’s guarded by deadly traps and other perils! Will you grab all the loot you can and bolt for the exit, or will you attempt to solve the temple’s ancient puzzles to unlock even greater treasure...even as a massive rolling boulder threatens to crush you?

The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac is an exciting standalone board game in which two to six players each take control of one of twelve adventurers eager to explore a remote temple filled with dangerous traps and valuable artifacts. To claim these priceless treasures, the adventurers must dash through a perilous maze, dodging moving walls, molten lava, and a gigantic boulder. The player who pushes his luck to the limit and escapes alive with the most treasure is the winner!

Each of the twelve rival adventurers features his or her own unique backstory and special ability. The charismatic Martin Fletcher has a talent for running, and his Sprint ability lets him cover extra distance when the situation grows desperate. Similarly, Professor Trevor Griffith is an expert in esoteric languages, and can draw upon his significant Linguistics knowledge to gain an advantage in deciphering ancient pictographs.

Danger at Every Turn

Designed by the ancient Mayans to discourage tomb robbers, the sacred Temple of Chac is full of deadly traps and obstacles through which every adventurer must pass. Upon entry, the dauntless treasure-hunters must contend with crushing walls as they stock up on priceless jewelry, statues, ceremonial masks, and other prizes. Here, the characters may grab loot, take the time to decipher glyphs that might aid them in the upcoming lava room, or just run like the wind! All the while, the walls close in, threatening to pulverize lingerers.

Once past these crushing walls, the adventurers will quickly discover that they’re being chased by a massive rolling boulder! Tumbling through the temple’s main corridor on a death race with its victims, the rolling boulder moves at variable speeds (dictated by a random dice mechanic) until it reaches the end, where it forever traps anyone caught inside. This ever-present menace drives the players forward through the temple, contending with their base greed to collect valuables. From the outset, The Adventures: The Temple of Chac is a hunt for both riches and shortcuts, as its characters seek to avoid the devastation of this relentless stone killer.

For example, the lava room provides an opportunity for brave (or insane) adventurers to shave several hundred yards off their sprint, if they don’t mind the possibility of being burned alive in a pool of liquid magma. This four by four grid of frail stone tiles floats above a scalding death trap, and treasure-seekers can step across these stones to avoid the rolling boulder. Of course, only certain tiles are safe, and they’re marked with ancient glyphs of protection. Did you take the time to decipher those glyphs from the crushing walls in the previous room? More importantly, do you feel lucky?

Assuming you survive until the home stretch, you need only face the rickety bridge hanging over a perilous river and raging waterfall!

Your Money or Your Life

Driving the tension of The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac is the game’s clever “load level” system, which determines how far an adventurer may move (and how many other actions he may perform) based on the amount of treasure he’s carrying. At the start of each turn, players adjust their load level by consulting the back of their character cards. There, a straightforward chart indicates a character’s current load level based on a range of treasure cards carried; between zero and three treasure cards, for example, means a load level of two.

The first player then rolls all five of the game’s six-sided dice, and for every die that shows a result equal to or higher than a player’s current load level, he has an action that round. By piling on the treasure, therefore, you aren’t necessarily slowing yourself’re just increasing the odds that you’ll have fewer actions to search for wealth, decipher glyphs, and run from massive, deadly boulders!

The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac provides a quick and exciting race for loot that will leave memorable stories long after the game is cleared away. A crumbling Mayan temple holds riches beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready for an adventure?


13 + 2 - 6
45 mins

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