The case must already have been transferred to her in the station’s interweb, because by the time she was halfway to the interview suites the virt feed from her PAD at her belt had already pinned a display square to the air about a foot from her face, twenty degrees out from her left eyeline if she looked straight ahead. It was showing the auto-chopped footage from the gun and shoulder cams from the minutes before Tallie Perrault’s arrest. The brawl inside the Humanity Labor offices unfolded in miniature, tiny silent people tipping over tables into the path of the cops, a dogpile of frantic bodies on top of two struggling figures in riot gear. Outside the building, the line of shields forming, the first bottles being thrown. Sharp puffs of shots–canister launchers, not guns. Those would come later. Hoppers coming in, ground cars, too. Street views jittering back and forth as the officers sprinted toward the shooting. A man standing, jerking in time to muzzle flashes all around him and collapsing again. A face, wide-eyed, grey with shock, hair hanging in strings, staring at something above and to the right of the screen: the cop closing in on her. The facial recognition software had already talked to the city’s ID base and tagged her. Perrault, T. Custody as of 0645 today. Case ref SPECIAL ACCESS–CONFIRM CREDENTIALS PLEASE.

Below those words was a gemlike placeholder button. When she waved the e-ID chip in the back of her hand over the virt display, that button would be replaced with the full case number and the confidential details would start flickering over the woman’s frozen face. So something about the Perrault arrest was so important that the station interweb wasn’t even giving out the case references without ID confirmation. She would look at that later. Caprice was going to get her first insights into this case a different way.

A Far-reaching Conspiracy

It is the future, and while the world has changed, crime has not. A tangled web of lies and corruption surrounds the New Angeles headquarters of Jinteki, a massive mega-corporation that leads the industry in cloning technology. When corporate watchdog and media blogger Tallie Perrault stumbles upon evidence of a shocking coverup, she begins to unravel a conspiracy with world-changing implications. Now, Perrault must share her story with veteran NAPD detective and troubled psychic Caprice Nisei. But can these two women uncover the truth before it’s too late?

Strange Flesh is a thrilling novel set in the gritty, neo-noir world of Android. Fans of the dystopian board game will find the immersive setting and themes brought to life, and those new to the world of Android will find a dark and distant future with lurking threats, dangerous temptations, and unsolved crimes.

About Matthew Farrer

Those familiar with the novels set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe from the Black Library may already know the work of Matthew Farrer. In novels like Crossfire, Blind, and Legacy he described the exploits of Shira Calpurnia, an Adeptus Arbites officer. Now he brings his unique skills to the Android universe.

Mr. Farrer shared his thoughts on his upcoming novel, Strange Flesh:

The classic noir detective story has a nobility about it. The one good man, the obstinately honest cop or the world-weary but principled private eye, walking the mean streets, extracting just a little bit of justice from a fallen and seedy world.

But there's another side to noir, though, isn't there? Shift the perspective away from the lone paragon and around to the soiled world they're walking through. It's a bleaker view that gets you a darker, nastier story, the sort that was my touchstone for Strange Flesh. My centrepiece was a police investigation, carried out by an honest detective who believes in her work, but at the core is the chilliest of noir conceits: a story of overambitious little people setting plans in motion that they can't pull off, and whose consequences they can't control, and who dig themselves in deeper every time they try to get out. It's about how easy it is for your principles to slip through your fingers when you get a whiff of money, or fame, or revenge... and about what those principles can cost you if you do manage to hang on to them.

Because Android, after all, is about what stays the same even as the world changes.


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