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Black Crusade Collectors Edition

Please note: Due to the personalization process, orders for this product may take 2-3 months to arrive.

The Black Crusade Collector’s Edition is a magnificent, individually numbered tome bound in crimson leather, with copper-gilded edges adorning its high-quality, acid-free pages. Its masterfully sculpted resin outer case displays a stylized Star of Chaos, the eight points dripping with the blood of the unworthy as a horrific daemon emerges from its center.

Within, you’ll find a personalized Writ of Execution, proclaiming your heresy to the galaxy and calling for your immediate death in the name of the Corpse-Emperor. Black Crusade Collector’s Edition also contains sixteen pages of exclusive bonus content, featuring pre-generated characters with unique backstories, statistics, and art. Players can use them as inspiration for their own creations, and GMs will find them potent enemies with which to challenge warbands!

IMPORTANT: To ensure that the Writ of Execution in your Collector’s Edition set is personalized to your satisfaction, follow these instructions when ordering:

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  5. You will be brought to “Order Options”. Choose your shipping method.
  6. In the “Order Comments” field, type “Writ of Execution:” followed by the name you wish to use.
  7. If you have any other instructions, type them after the Oath Personalization text. Click “Continue.”
  8. At the “Payment” screen, verify your payment information. Click “Continue.”
  9. Print the “Confirmation Screen” for your records.
  10. The order process is now complete.

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Case Quantity: 1 ISBN: 978-1-61661-339-6


"Who pledged his loyalty?
The Warmaster.
Whom did we serve in faith?
The Warmaster.
From whom did we take our name?
The Warmaster.
Who was denied to us?
The Warmaster.
But whom shall we remake?
The Warmaster.
And who shall lead us to victory?
The Warmaster."
–Black Legion Catechism

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