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Designed by Richard Borg, BattleLore is a briskly paced game for 2-4 players. The time is the Hundred Years War. All of Europe is engulfed in the flames of battle. Armies of French and English troops lined up alongside Goblin and Dwarven mercenaries. Mounted knights ride down on archers firing arrow after arrow to slow the advance. War Councils, armed with the power of Lore, cast spells of horrifying might. Will you take up a banner and march to war?

BattleLore includes:

    * Player's Guide to BattleLore
    * An Adventures Booklet
    * Over 210 Highly Detailed Miniatures
    * 58 Banner-Bearers and 15 Extra Banners
    * A Double-Sided Map
    * 46 Terrain and Landmark Tiles
    * A 60 Card Command Deck
    * A 60 Card Lore Deck
    * 42 Summary Cards
    * 2 War Council Sheets
    * 24 Lore Master Tokens
    * 12 Battle Dice

Case Quantity: 4 ISBN: 824968723913

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Battlelore Extra Dice Set

A set of 12 16mm wooden dice for BattleLore.

Case Quantity: 0 ISBN: -

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