Battlelore: Call to Arms expansion

The BattleLore Call to Arms Expansion offers players a new method to deploy custom troops and armies onto the battlefield. Instead of the point-based army buying approach common to other miniatures games, BattleLore's army selection system uses a novel, card-driven deployment mechanism. Call to Arms includes a 20-page rules booklet detailing the deployment system, plus new terrain tiles, Feudal Levy tokens, supplemental banners, and more.


  • Rules booklet w/ 6 new Battle maps
  • 6 sets of Deployment cards
  • 10 Specialist cards
  • 8 new Summary cards
  • 16 double-sided Terrain tiles
  • 3 new Obstacles
  • 12 Feudal Levy tokens
  • 6 Supplemental banners
  • New weapon - Long Bow

Case Quantity: 10 ISBN: 824968823958

Epic Battlelore Expansion

The Epic BattleLore expansion offers groups of veteran players the opportunity to conduct battles on a grand scale by combining multiple board maps into a single, over-sized battlefield. Epic BattleLore includes an additional BattleLore map, new Alliance tokens, and the Epic BattleLore rulebook, featuring 7 new Epic scenarios.


  • 1 Battlelore board map
  • 19 Lore Tokens
  • 4 Turn Order tokens
  • 36 Alliance tokens
  • 7 Epic adventures
  • Rules booklet w/ Reluctant Allies variant

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 824968823965

Not Available
Battlelore: Goblin Skirmishers Expansion

The BattleLore Goblin Skirmishers specialist pack expands the ranks of Goblin mercenaries by adding in specialists like the Goblin Band Leader, Goblin Drummers, Goblin Spear Bearers, and Goblin Slingers. Goblin Skirmishers also includes a rule book for the new units, as well as two new scenarios to expand your game.


  • 1 Goblin Band Leader
  • 3 Goblin Drummers
  • 8 Goblin Spear Bearers
  • 8 Goblin Slingers
  • 10 new banners
  • Rules booklet w/ 2 new adventures
  • 4 new Specialist cards
  • 4 new Weapon Summary cards

Case Quantity: 10 ISBN: 824968823972

Not Available
Battlelore: Dwarven Battalion Expansion

The BattleLore Dwarven Battalion specialist pack expands the ranks of Iron Dwarf mercenaries by adding in specialists like the Iron Dwarf Bagpiper, Iron Dwarf Spear Bearer, and Iron Dwarf Axe Swinger. Dwarven Battalion also includes a rule book for the new units, as well as two new scenarios to expand your game.


  • 4 Iron Dwarves Bagpipers
  • 8 Iron Dwarves Spear Bearers
  • 8 Iron Dwarves Axe Swingers
  • 14 new banners
  • Rules booklet w/ 2 new adventures
  • 3 new Specialist cards
  • 3 new Weapon Summary cards

Case Quantity: 10 ISBN: 824968823989

Not Available
Battlelore: Goblin Marauders Expansion

The BattleLore Goblin Marauders specialist pack expands the ranks of Goblin mercenaries by adding new Goblin cavalry units, Hobgobin Hyena Riders and Hobgoblin Ostrich Riders, as well as an additional Goblin Band Leader and Goblin Drummers. Goblin Marauders also includes a rule book for the new units, as well as two new scenarios to expand your game.


  • 1 Goblin Band Leader
  • 3 Goblin Drummers
  • 6 Hobgoblin Hyena Riders
  • 6 Hobgoblin Ostrich Riders
  • 10 banners
  • Rules booklet w/ 2 new adventures
  • 4 Specialist cards
  • 3 Weapon Summary cards
  • 1 Unit Summary card

Case Quantity: 10 ISBN: 824968823996

Not Available
Battlelore: Hundred Years' War Expansion

The BattleLore Hundred Years' War expansion is the first specialistpack expansion for the human armies and features new units like Halberdiers, Horn Blowers, Spearmen, and Arbalestiers. It also includes a rules booklet with rules for the new units, rules for utilizing Lore in historical Medieval scenarios, and five new scenarios, including Epic Agincourt.


  • 4 Halberdiers
  • 4 Horn Blowers
  • 8 Spearmen
  • 16 Arbalestiers
  • 14 new banners
  • Rules booklet w/ Medieval Lore rules
  • 4 new battles
  • Agincourt - Epic mode
  • 6 new Specialist cards
  • 4 Weapon Summary cards

Case Quantity: 10 ISBN: 824968123904

Not Available
Battlelore: Scottish Wars Expansion

The BattleLore Scottish Wars expansion includes new specialist units for the Iron Dwarf mercenary faction like the Iron Dwarf Cattle Rider, Iron Dwarf Clan Chief, Mounted Knights, and Iron Dwarf Spear Bearers. Scottish Wars also includes a rule booklet explaining the new units, rules for using Lore in historical battles, as well as 5 new scenarios.


  • 6 Iron Dwarves Cattle Riders
  • 8 Iron Dwarves Clan Chiefs
  • 12 Mounted Knights
  • 16 Iron Dwarves Spear Bearers
  • 24 new banners
  • Rules booklet w/ 5 new adventures
  • 7 Specialist cards
  • 3 Unit Summary cards
  • 2 Weapon Summary cards

Case Quantity: 10 ISBN: 824968123911

For Troll and Country

The Troll and Country expansion introduces a new revered creature into the BattleLore universe-the fearsome Troll!  This expansion introduces two new epic scenarios which pits the mighty Troll against the Humans.  Also, a new Troll bridge is introduced in this expansion.  Reference cards for both the Troll and the Troll bridge are included in the For Troll and Country expansion.



  • 1 Troll creature
  • 1 Epic double-sided map
  • 2 new Epic scenarios

Case Quantity: 4 ISBN: 824968123720

Not Available
Battlelore: Heroes Expansion

BattleLore: Heroes introduces player-created Leaders and Champions to augment your camp's forces in battles.

As with all journeys, the beginning is never easy. As a fledgling adventurer, you begin with a bare minimum of skills and artifacts to help you combat the enemy. Adventures have the potential to reward your intrepid Hero greatly if he performs well. But beware, battlefields are not without peril, and taking too many wounds may force your Hero into an unwanted early retirement.

Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime!

BattleLore: Heroes includes:

  • 10 Unique Hero Figures
  • 5 Hero Banners (1 for each Hero class)
  • A Rules Booklet, including 7 new adventures
  • 2 Landmark Tiles
  • Over 40 Tokens
  • More Than 100 Cards!


Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589946491

Not Available
BattleLore: Dragons Expansion

An expectant hush falls across the battlefield as the enormous, ancient serpent swoops out of the clouds. With a single breath, the dragon devastates its enemies and strikes terror into the hearts of all who behold it. In BattleLore: Dragons, the epic battle continues with completely new and terrifying combatants: the Ice Drake, the Fire Dragon, and the Wood Wyvern.

BattleLore: Dragons includes:

A rulebook with four new adventures
• 3 dragon figures with banners
• 3 dragon summary cards
• 3 breath attack cards
• 9 dragon attack tokens

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589947122

Not Available
BattleLore: Creatures Expansion

Creatures from the darkest corners of the realm strike out against their opponents with horrible new attacks that can kill with a single blow. Keep your guard up when fighting with the beasts of BattleLore: Creatures.

Wood Giant
The Wood Giant is a variant Creature based on the promo-only Hill Giant figure with a new lair and new abilities. This Green Banner Creature attacks enemies from afar with a flurry of logs hurled from any forest on the battlefield.

Rock Elemental
Like the Wood Giant, the Rock Elemental is based on a figure (Earth Elemental) that was formerly only able to be obtained by special promotion. The Rock Elemental is a Red Banner Creature that is able to be summoned via a Magic Vortex to almost anywhere on the battlefield.

The Hydra is a totally new Blue Banner Creature that gets more powerful when it is damaged. As its multiple heads take hits, they are removed and possibly replaced by even more heads. With an attack based on the number of heads the Creature currently has, the Hydra is a fearsome foe indeed.

BattleLore: Creatures Expansion includes;

  • 3 Unique Creature Figures, Wood Giant, Hydra with 6 interchangeable head/neck pieces, Rock Elemental
  • 3 Creature Banners
  • A Rules Booklet, including 4 new adventures
  • 2 Landmark Tiles
  • 7 Web Tokens
  • 7 Poison Tokens
  • 1 Conjure Token
  • 7 Cards, 1 Tactics Card, 4 Creature Summary Cards, 2 Landmark Summary Cards

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589946651

Not Available
BattleLore: Horrific Horde Goblin Army Pack

The BattleLore: Horrific Horde Goblin Army Pack will greatly expand the ranks of your Goblin forces by introducing two brand new troop types: Goblin Halberdiers and powerful Ogres, while adding even more of the fundamental Goblinoid units from both the core set and the Goblin Marauders expansion. BattleLore: Horrific Horde includes a rule book for the new units, a full set of Unit and Specialist cards, five additional adventures, as well as 15 Deployment cards, for use with the Call to Arms expansion, that allow you to build a customized Goblinoid army of your choosing!



  • 12 Goblin Halberdiers
  • 12 Goblin Swordsmen
  • 6 Ogres
  • 6 Hobgoblin Cavalry
  • 6 Hobgoblin Hyena Riders
  • 14 banners
  • Rules Booklet w/5 new adventures
  • 2 Specialist cards
  • 5 Unit Summary cards
  • 15 Call to Arms Deployment cards 

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589948495

Not Available
Battlelore: Bearded Brave Expansion

Featuring four new Iron Dwarf unit types, Bearded Brave is the perfect way to expand your BattleLore experience and call upon the aide of the mighty Dwarves!

Bearded Brave comes with six different types of Iron Dwarf units, each with their own miniatures and reference cards to be used when fielding them in battle. From Bear Riders to Mighty Bolt Throwers, these Dwarves can either bolster your forces in pre-made adventures or can be recruited into your custom armies using the BattleLore: Call to Arms expansion.

With 40 new figures, 27 cards, and a rule book featuring 4 new adventures, the Bearded Brave has no shortage of new materials for your BattleLore games! Keep an eye on the horizon and watch for your short-yet-stalwart allies: the Iron Dwarves!

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 978-1-58994-996-6

Not Available
BattleLore: Code of Chivalry Expansion

Code of Chivalry is a human Army Pack for BattleLore that lets you swell the ranks of your armies, and it features knights, arbalestiers, and lancers!

Code of Chivalry comes complete with two new unit types as well as two unit types previously released in the Hundred Years War and the Scottish Wars expansions. These units will easily bolster the forces of any Human army, giving players more options during their BattleLore games.

Also included in this expansion are 6 new Call to Arms Deployment cards so players can customize their adventures. Rather than using the pre-constructed armies found in the adventure book, players can choose to use these Call to Arms Deployment cards to create an army of their own design.

Finally, Code of Chivalry comes with four new adventures to give players a knightly challenge for their new units!

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 978-1-58994-973-7

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