In the dark of a moonless night, a lonely militiaman shuffles along a deserted alley. The sound of a small stone striking the pavers brings him about just in time to see a black-clad figure vanish around the corner. “Stop! Thief!” Kornak hollers. Cursing under his breath, he runs after the fleeing shadow. Just another night in Cadwallon...

Welcome to Cadwallon, a city of vagabonds and outlaws of every kind. The Duke and his brave militia struggle to maintain order, but it is the mighty guilds and wealthy merchants who rule the city... and the most feared of these is the shadowy Guild of Thieves. You have joined the ranks of this infamous society seeking your own path to wealth and glory. Your tiny gang has been chosen to relieve the fat merchants of the city from a portion of their “excess” wealth. But there are many factions within the Guild, and yours is not the only band working in the district tonight! In fact, your greatest challenge may not be the militiamen who guard the streets...

Cadwallon: City of Thieves is a fast-paced game of cunning thievery and ruthless skullduggery in a fantasy city steeped in magic and intrigue. Two to four players each control their own gang of four thieves, competing to amass the greatest haul of loot from the many carefully locked chests scattered about the board. This is no friendly competition, however, and there is little loyalty among thieves in Cadwallon! The most successful players are as likely to claim their loot from the other gangs as they are to do the time-consuming legwork themselves. And always there is the Guild, directing the gangs from the shadows, and offering rich rewards to those who follow its will. But there is little time to waste; even the slow-witted militiamen will eventually raise the alarm... and woe be upon any thief who fails to creep away before the lawmen seal the district!

A deviously fun battle for loot

You’re never truly safe in Cadwallon, and a successful thief had better beware. Good fortune in the Guild of Thieves is a double-edged sword that cuts to the bone; other thieves will want your loot, and they have no qualms about drawing your blood to get it. The result is a fast and furious brawl for control of the best treasures in the city. Precious jewels change hands rapidly, and you’ll quickly find yourself positioning your gang to not only grab the loot, but defend it desperately.

Plenty of ways to play

While the ultimate goal of Cadwallon: City of Thieves is to make it out of the city with the fattest purse of ducats, how you acquire that wealth is entirely up to you. Will you skillfully pick locks, or just bash them in? Will you concentrate on fulfilling the contracts of the Guild of Thieves, or will you indiscriminately grab every valuable you can? Then again, you could always just wait for a fellow thief to do the dirty work, then pound him into the cobblestone. With four unique gangs, eight scenarios (each with constantly shifting missions from the Guild of Thieves), and countless combinations of Arcana cards, no two games of Cadwallon: City of Thieves will ever play the same.

An easy-to-learn rulebook

Setup is simple, and will quickly have your gang robbing and backstabbing their way to infamy. After choosing a gang and drawing a starting hand of Arcana cards (cards with special abilities to aid your gang), each player in turn chooses the starting locations of his gang members along the edge of the board. On your turn, you’ll draw another Arcana card, then you’ll activate your thieves one by one, spending from a communal pool of seven action points to perform tasks like movement, lock picking, and attacking. That’s it! But every action point is precious, and they go quickly... so each turn brings difficult choices. This, along with the various choke points and dead ends in the labyrinthine city of Cadwallon, makes Cadwallon: City of Thieves not only a compelling game of thievery, but of strategic cat-and-mouse.

Cadwallon: City of Thieves brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “land of opportunity” as you lead a colorful gang of underworld bandits scurrying about twisty pathways in the city of Cadwallon on a race to gather the largest hoard of magnificent treasures before the hapless citizens take note of the thievery and raise the alarm! Prepare for copious backstabbing, double-crossing, and frenzied races through the darkest corners of this city where even the militiamen will turn a blind eye for a bribe of a few ducats.

Grab all the loot you can before the alarm sounds. But remember to watch your back!


10+ 2 - 4
60 min


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