Long ago, during the great Dragon Wars, the mighty Dragonlord Kalladra devised the most cunning and insidious trap ever constructed. His desire to dominate Terrinoth became an obsession, but every attempt he made to conquer the realms was met with heroic resistance. So he withdrew himself underground and concocted a labyrinth of torturous design.

Rather than engage the nations of Terrinoth in open warfare as his brethren did, Kalladra believed there was no greater danger to the rulers and heroes of the land than their own greed. And so he built Dragonfire Dungeon...

DungeonQuest is a classic dungeon crawl board game playable by one to four players. Each player must enter Dragonfire Dungeon in hopes of escaping with more loot than any other player. Kalladra’s rest is uneasy, however, and it is more than likely that nothing will escape Dragonfire Dungeon but a few faint screams and wisps of smoke. When the sun sets, the doom of every player caught within the walls of the dungeon is certain. During the day though, a few intrepid adventurers may be able to escape with their lives and a fistful of treasure. Each player must push his luck as far as he dares, but those who go one step too far will certainly face immediate incineration!

Race Time for the Dragon’s Treasure

When the game begins, each player is in a separate room at one corner of Dragonfire Dungeon. The players are equipped with their natural talents and equipment and the powerful aid of a Rune, which can be used to magically rescue them in a tight spot. The expanse of the dungeon is uncharted, and the players must struggle to find their way in the labyrinthine passages as they search for loot that they can safely liberate from the dungeon. On each player’s turn, he may choose to either move into an adjacent chamber of the dungeon by drawing a new tile and placing it on the board, or to scour the corners of his own chamber and draw a card in hopes of finding something of value in the outside world.

While many similar games rely on a player to control the machinations of the dungeon, DungeonQuest is unique in that the dungeon essentially runs itself. No one at the table knows what lies around the corner, creating a new play experience every time. A series of decks allows for the uncertainties of the dungeon, as players experience new and potent threats whenever they open doors, clamber through catacombs, and excavate the ancient crypts. Players must roll to test their character’s attributes against a variety of challenges: in a dungeon there’s always portcullises to lift, and bottomless pits to jump.

Each round, the sun counter moves further in the sky, and the players’ search for treasure must move faster if they hope to leave Dragonfire Dungeon relatively uncharred. As they search, they may pick up some gold or small jewels, but the real loot—the rare artifacts and ancient plunder—lies in the center of the dungeon, in the chamber of Kalladra the Dragonlord himself. Even if a player manages to penetrate far enough into the dungeon to reach the Dragonlord’s Treasure Chamber, every piece of loot he snags risks the dragon’s fiery rage, resulting in an almost certain demise. But for many, the massive amounts of riches in the chamber are worth the risk.

Slay Monsters that Stand in your Way

The dragon at the heart of the maze is far from the only foe that faces the hero who enters Dragonfire Dungeon. Reanimated skeletons, slavering trolls, dark sorcerers, and older, more dangerous enemies wait for the explorer in abundance. In the warren of catacombs underneath, more sinister creatures, such as vampires or giant centipedes lie in wait for the next passing meat. Spear traps load into doors, and pit traps yawn open under the feet of anyone foolish enough to go by.

Combat in DungeonQuest is accomplished via an immersive series of Combat cards and Power cards. These cards allow for a thematic interpretation of a battle between a hero and an approaching monster. One player assumes the role of a monster for the purposes of the combat, and chooses the Combat and Power cards that will be used to battle the hero. Whereas the Combat cards show generic attacks, split into melee, ranged, and magic categories, the Power cards are unique to each hero and monster, adding to both replayability and the intense feel of direct conflict.

If a player is able to successfully orchestrate his hand, he may be able to counterattack with a Slash or a Fire Blast, or even line up a devastating deathblow. This kind of attack can be tricky to land, but almost always spells the end for the unfortunate recipient of the massive strike. Players must remain vigilant, and watch for the opportunity to kill any monsters that stand in the way of their hunt for treasure.

Take your Adventures in New Directions

Even as you take your heroes through Dragonfire Dungeon, you are also able to carry them over into other heroic exploits in Terrinoth. DungeonQuest includes parallel Hero cards that can be used with other games set in Terrinoth, including Runebound, Runewars, and Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

On the outside, the day might seem clear and bright, but inside Dragonfire Dungeon, there is little hope of a happy ending. Those who tread too far meet staggering odds of their own doom. The wise traveler might decide that discretion is nobler than blind courage, but if another adventurer can go a little bit further and return, they will almost certainly claim the win. Everyone in DungeonQuest must push their luck as far as they can. . . or at least a little farther than everyone else. Only the noblest of heroes are truly prepared to undertake the dragon’s challenge!


13 +
1 - 4 90 min


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